The concept of freethinking is founded on a method of
addressing the validity of any and all statements or knowledge put forth as
truth. Freethinking means that one should approach a problem (or dogmatic
principle) through the use of logical principles, scientific inquiry and the
accumulation of facts assessed by these means. In particular, through such
efforts, a conscious effort is made to avoid depending on the constraints
imposed by cultural bias, conventional wisdom, prejudice, sectarianism and other
similar fallacious principles.

The primary aim of the MFA is to create a community of conscientious citizens
who can gather to discuss current local and/or global issues from the
perspective of a freethinker, irrespective of religious or cultural affiliation
or lack thereof. Issues can range from socio-political to science and technology
to the pure arts. Particular emphasis will be applied to how secularism can be a
tool for inter-faith dialogue, seeking to resolve pertinent issues such as
faith-based extremist wars and the environmental crisis. The ultimate goal is to
create a space for individuals who are interested in approaching the resolution
of current issues from non-conventional perspectives, always being critical of
socially acceptable norms. The MFA will be allied with similar groups locally
and abroad and members will be encouraged to participate in the initiatives of
said groups should the need arise.

The primary activity of the MFA will focus around discussions, talks and
readings given by members. Lectures will also be given by invited guests. Social
events and political activism will also be part of the mandate, involving
collaborations with other groups with similar visions.

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